The academy will be closed between Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May for the Half Term holiday. Students are to return on Monday 3rd June at their normal start time.

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At The Oldham Academy North we are committed to developing our students – personally and socially – so that they are able to contribute to a competitive and challenging world. One of the ways that students have the opportunity to engage in personal and social development is through the promotion SMSC and British values at the academy. At TOAN we ensure that subjects engage pupils’ interest for discussion whilst they explore prominent issues in the wider world. As pupils progress through school they will build upon ideas studied in Year 7, creating links with what they have previously learned and connecting these throughout the schemes of work to develop an understanding of SMSC and British values. In PSHE pupils explicitly link what is being studied to life outside of TOAN pupils have the chance to reflect on what they have learned and how to apply this within their lives when they leave.

The PSHE Lead has conducted CPD with Subject Leaders and ask them to create links in their curriculum to British values. When reflecting on opportunities to discuss mutual respect and tolerance in their subjects, leaders were asked to consider moments where Global Majority people and people in the LGBT+ Community could be celebrated. We have an Equality Wall at the academy that shows the clear stance TOAN takes against discrimination in all its forms and celebrates famous figures of different backgrounds.

The variety of clubs, trip opportunities and external visitors that we have at TOAN ensure that pupils’ knowledge of SMSC and British values are developed through the enhancement of their cultural capital. We celebrate and commemorate many awareness dates here at the academy such as Black History Month, Islamophobia Awareness Month, Pride Month, LGBT+ History Month and Mental Health Awareness Week. Pupils and staff have the opportunity to contribute to assemblies and activities that take place on these dates and this adds to the sense of community that we have here at The Oldham Academy North.

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