The academy will be closed between Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May for the Half Term holiday. Students are to return on Monday 3rd June at their normal start time.

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Student Leadership

We are keen for our students to foster a sense of responsibility and leadership, helping them to develop into confident, reliable and ambitious young people.

The Student Leadership Team has been formed to achieve this aim. The team represents all students at TOAN, and gives them the chance to influence academy policy and decision-making on a number of key issues from teaching and learning to transport. The team also manages our fundraising activities including the recent work we have done for Dr Kershaw’s Hospice.


  • Leadership and courage: to help us move forward in both our education and life
  • Truth, honesty and integrity: in all that we do


  • We will always listen and take your views into account.
  • Ensure that everything that we do is for the benefit of other students and the academy
  • To make our academy an inspiring, supportive and positive environment at all times

What we do:

  • We help not just our own academy but members of the wider community too
  • We listen and understand others, encouraging diversity.
  • We stand up for others, making sure no one feels left out
  • We raise awareness of local, national and global issues, creating opportunities for open discussions for students, helping to support those around us who may be affected

If you want to be involved, speak to your head of year.

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