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E-ACT guide to awarding qualifications in summer 2021

Ofqual student guide to awarding in summer 2021

Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

Key Stage 4 Results 2021-2022

Key Stage 4KS4 Results
for 2021-2022
Progress 8 score+0.67
Attainment 8 score50.83
% of pupils who obtained a standard pass in English and Maths (Grade 4 or above)73%
% of pupils who obtained a strong pass in English and Maths (Grade 5 or above)54%
% of pupils entered for the English Baccalaureate.
To enter the EBacc, pupils must take up to 8 GCSEs or equivalents, across 5 subject ‘pillars’ of English language and English literature, maths, sciences, a language and history or geography
% of pupils who’ve achieved the English Baccalaureate10%
The EBacc APS4.29%
% of pupils who stayed in education or employment after KS498%
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