Our E-ACT Ambassadors

Our E-ACT Ambassadors Group is made up of people who share a great passion for our academy.

Led by a chairperson, E-ACT ambassadors meet once per term, and will have at least two parent ambassadors elected to the group. They work closely with headteachers, regional and national staff as well as our trustees, and focus on the four Cs of Communication, Celebration, Complaints and Community.


Please note that the board of trustees is the governing body for E-ACT and all E-ACT academies. The EAG is an advisory body only.

Attendance of trustees at meetings is published on the trust website within E-ACT’s annual report which also contains information on the structure and responsibilities of the board and its committees.

Other important documents that can be found on the trust website include:

  • Trustees’ business and financial interests
  • Articles of Association
  • Master Funding Agreement and Supplemental Agreements
  • E-ACT’s Scheme of Delegation which shows all delegated authorities from the board of trustees
  • E-ACT’s detailed governance overview, showing how we continue to meet all our statutory and regulatory requirements under our regionalised governance model

All of these documents can be found by clicking here.

Harmesh Aojula Harmesh Aojula

I have a family of four and live in Saddleworth. Working as a lecturer, in the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry at university of Manchester (UOM), my role encompasses both teaching and research.  My research field is drug delivery; a challenging science that seeks to discover novel ways to target medicine to the part of the body where it is most needed. I have been in higher education roles for the vast majority of my life. I am senior fellow of the higher education authority (SFHEA). In my capacity as a Year 2 tutor, I support students’ welfare and learning, and provide pastoral support. The world is rapidly changing and as such our education system needs to adapt and respond accordingly. This means we need to evolve and cater for diverse learners especially those who are significantly disadvantaged so no one is left behind in accessing the right opportunities. I am privileged to be working at UOM, an institute that places so much importance on social justice and improving economic competitiveness by encouraging its staff to serve the local community in so many different ways. UOM was one of the earliest participants to team up with national charity ‘SGOSS-Governors for Schools’ to support our local communities. This is what prompted me to utilise my skills to become a Governor in 2013 at TOAN. We have made significant progress in tackling many issues to date. Yet I am committed to continuing my services as part of our academy ambassadorial advisory body to further enhance student experiences and raise our academy’s profile within the community.

Martin Vose Martin Vose

Hi,  I am the Head Of Community at Oldham Athletic Community Trust. This role provides with me a fantastic opportunity to gauge with a wide range of individuals and groups within Oldham, ensuring that we provide a wide range opportunities through sport.

Schools are an integral part of a successful community and I am delighted to join the ambassadors team at TOAN, I look forward to working with the academy staff to support its continued development and growth. Community is something that I am extremely passionate about and it is this specific area that I believe that I can add most value to the academy.

Sajid Iqbal Sajid Iqbal Chair of TOAN Ambassadors

Oldham born and bred and coincidentally attended TOANs predecessor school Grange School from 1986-1992. I have three children who have been through various schools in Oldham and my youngest was in TOAN from end of Year 8 to Year 11. I have worked for RSA Insurance Plc for nearly 24 years in various roles and currently an Underwriting Consultant.


Having personal experience in facing challenges in another school in Oldham, I am passionate about better outcomes for all children especially in deprived areas and the mental health of young people. 


I felt privileged to be asked as one of “vocal parent” to be part of the TOAN’s Ambassadors Group and as the current Chair I am looking forward to the challenge of working closely with the school to support them to achieve their expected outcomes for the students, staff and wider community.

Rose Ssali – Parent ambassador Rose Ssali – Parent ambassador
Rose Ssali – Parent ambassador Rose Ssali – Parent ambassador
Mrs Banham Mrs Banham Deputy Safeguarding Lead/SENCo
Mrs Banham Mrs Banham Deputy Safeguarding Lead/SENCo
Niall Gallagher Niall Gallagher Regional Educational Director

Niall is based at E-ACT Academy Blackley, Victoria Avenue, Manchester, M9 0RD.

If you require any further information, please contact Emma.lovell@E-act.org.uk

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