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Starting secondary school can be a daunting time for many. That is why we place great emphasis on ensuring that the transition from primary to secondary education is as smooth as possible.

Our Year 7 students follow a unique integrated curriculum designed to gradually familiarise new students with their new environment while building on the best aspects of primary education. This approach helps make the step up much easier and helps create confident, motivated young students.

Our Accelerate Programme covers topics in geography, history, citizenship, drama, music, ICT and art, and forms half of each Year 7s timetable, taking place within our dedicated Year 7 Hub. Each Year 7 student will have the same teacher who is also the main point of contact for the student’s timetable and pastoral support.

Accelerate makes learning more meaningful by helping students to make connections between different subjects, and in turn helping them to develop ideas, knowledge and understanding as they build on their educational experiences.

Visit us

Year 6 pupils are welcome to visit us at any time, and we regularly welcome local primary pupils to the academy for a variety of activities.

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Applying for a place

To apply for a place at The Oldham Academy North, please click here to be directed to the Oldham Local Authority website.


Student admission numbers

The academy has the following agreed admission numbers for the year 2017/2018  subject to any changes approved or required by the Secretary of State for subsequent years:

  • 300 students in Year 7
  • 240 students in Year 8
  • 240 students in Year 9
  • 240 students in Year 10
  • 240 students in Year 11

The Department for Education appeals code

For the DfE’s admissions appeals code click here.

Contact us

Mrs S Smith
0161 652 2428

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