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28 September 2018

“LEST WE FORGET…100 YEARS ON”    FLOWER FESTIVAL at St. Anne’s Church, Royton.

Art staff and students from The Oldham Academy North have had the pleasure of working with KS2 and KS3 pupils from St. Anne’s Primary School to create a collaborative display for St. Anne’s Church Flower Festival, inspired by the WW1 theme. 

Pupils used clay, coloured paper, handwritten poems, WW1 posters and adverts to make their unique paper sculpture flowers. Throughout the project, pupils tried to consider the impact WW1 had on the people of Oldham and their everyday lives.

KS2 pupils from St. Anne’s Primary attended Community workshops at The Oldham Academy North to make ceramic and paper flowers, while KS3 pupils from The Oldham Academy North made paper collage inspired flowers in their art lessons.

St. Anne’s Church, Royton invites all students, parents and members of the community to attend the flower festival, which is being held on Friday  28th September, noon-7pm, Saturday 29th September 10.30am-5pm and Sunday 30th September 11am-4.30pm.

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