Mr Islam recognised by The Manchester United Foundation

17 December 2020

Noor Islam, The Oldham Academy North’s Behaviour Manager of 11 years was recognised by The Manchester United Foundation’s ‘The gift that gives back’ campaign for his incredible work setting up and manging ‘The Compass’, an Alternative Provision unit at the Academy.

The gift that gives back was an initiative in Partnership with Remington, recognising individuals who have gone above and beyond in supporting others throughout 2020.

Noor was nominated by The Manchester United Foundation’s Hub Development Officer at the Academy, Tony Ensor. Tony recognised the incredible work Noor had done setting up an on-site alternative provision unit at the academy, enabling students who may have previously been permanently excluded to be mentored and re-integrated into mainstream lessons.

Mr Islam explained that he works closely with a group of 6 students with challenging behaviour who would have previously been excluded from the academy, in the newly set up unit. His role is to provide a personalised timetable with 121 sessions, specialist teachers and activities such as boxing to help them overcome any issues contributing to challenging behaviour and enable them to reach their full potential at the academy. Over the course of the 12-week programme, the aim is to re-integrate students back into mainstream lessons. The Compass has only been running since September and already a number of students have re-joined their classmates in mainstream lessons and are doing well, avoiding exclusion from the academy, with one student even moving up a set in Maths following their success.

Mr Islam said

“Being recognised in this way was a huge shock and made me very emotional. When you’re working hard and in the zone you don’t realise how well things are going as some days can be really challenging. For someone to appreciate what you’re doing and the difference you’re making means more than words can describe. I am just doing my job and do so to the best of my ability despite challenging times – I’ve always been someone to face up to a challenge”

Noor was unaware he had been nominated and received a radio call from the Headteacher to meet her. Unbeknown to him, he was then surprised with an array of gifts from the Manchester United Foundation and Remington, including some of their products, 2 signed Manchester United Shirts and a personal video message from Timothy Fosu-Mensah congratulating him.

You can watch the video of him receiving his gifts here

Noor said “When I was presented with the gifts I was nearly in tears and the message from Mensah made me jump out of my skin! I was having a challenging week but this reassured me that the work I was doing was having an effect. As a United Fan, the signed shirts will be framed and put up in my Man Cave!”

Headteacher, Mrs Hallam said

“The work that Mr. Islam has undertaken this year, in supporting some of our most challenging students, has been phenomenal. These students have grown in their resilience and their work ethic, the reintegration programme is working really well and these students are getting the quality education that they really need and deserve. All of these experiences that Noor is facilitating for them will help and support them to become successful when they leave the Academy and beyond.

Having been recognised by the Manchester United Foundation compounds what we already knew – that Noor is an absolute superstar and we are lucky to have him with us as a member of TEAMTOAN.”


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