Our approach to learning

Our Curriculum Intentions


The Oldham Academy North believe that in order to allow our students to be ready for and contribute to the challenging and competitive world around us, they must achieve the best academic results possible.


Examinations in England have changed with more challenging GCSEs that rely heavily on students’ knowledge.  We have designed our curriculum for Key Stage 3 to ensure it prepares students for their GCSEs at Key Stage 4.


At Key Stage 3, our curriculum is rigorous, challenging and engaging with regular assessments mapped in to ensure that students have the opportunity to show their mastery in each subject on a regular basis.


Our expectation is that students will perform competitively against their peers, nationally and locally; we want all students to experience challenge in every subject because we know that with endurance, everyone can achieve mastery but we support those students who sometimes find this difficult.


Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 is organised to allow students the opportunity to experience a range of exciting subjects, as well as our traditional curriculum, some other opportunities include:


  • Spanish lessons for all students
  • Music lessons, including practical and digital music
  • Business and Enterprise lessons, including studying towards a financial management qualification (LiFE)
  • Outdoor and community learning provision through our Woodlands Forest School
  • ICT including the use of drones and VR technology
  • Touch-typing and computer skills
  • All students have the opportunity to complete the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Our E-ACT Passport offers students opportunities to visit universities, visits to sporting events, basic first aid and other exciting opportunities to develop autonomy and understanding
  • All students study PSHE each week, where they discuss British Values and local, national and international news issues


At GCSE, we offer traditional subjects of:


  • English (Literature and Language)
  • Maths
  • Science (Trilogy or Triple, depending on attainment)
  • History or Geography
  • Languages (Currently Spanish)


In addition to this, all students will study computer science at GCSE level, as we believe that in the modern and challenging world, most occupations now include use of ICT.


Alongside all of these EBacc qualifications, we also offer a wide range of subjects to allow students to follow their own strengths, passions and ambitions, some of these include:


  • PE
  • Arts (including photography, graphics, fine art and ceramics)
  • Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Business Studies
  • Child Learning and Development
  • Religious Studies
  • ESOL and ASDAN qualifications
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