Students Supermarket Adventure.

27 April 2018

Just to let you know that the following students came on the Woodlands trip to the supermarket this morning to purchase supplies for Woodlands breakfast and lunch club – Mirzanur Rahman, Sharmin Akter, Jess Lees and Ben O’Brien.

 The students had full responsibility for everything from start to finish, they wrote their own grocery list, worked out roughly how much budget they would need, made the right choices when selecting produce in order to stay in budget, worked together as a team, adding up as they added produce to the basket then finally paying and packing away all groceries bought.

 Tash and I stood back and let the students lead, they all had full autonomy and trust to make the right choices, which they did with pride. Each student was an absolute credit to the academy, they interacted with the general public, demonstrated good manners and was a shining example to everyone around them for how model students should behave.

 Life skills like this are so valuable for our students and it would be great if we could do more of this with all out students in order to prepare them for future life.

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