The Futures Programme

The Futures Programme is a unique curriculum designed exclusively for students at The Oldham Academy North. Through years 7 to 11, students will study and take part in academy visits, courses, events and activities alongside their timetabled lessons.

By completing The Futures Programme, students will graduate from the academy with essential life and employability skills, giving them a distinct advantage over other students their age.

Year 10 Young Enterprise

Following the success of previous years’  Young Enterprise teams, ‘Initial’ and ‘Glassine’, our most recent crop of budding tycoons have formed a company called ‘Revive’.

Revive creates unique, hand-drawn colouring books and sells them to their peers and the wider community to help people with mental health issues. Their products have proven to be very popular among staff and students, completely selling out of stock at World Book Day!

Year 9 life saving skills

As part of The Futures Program, all year 9 students undergo first aid training. The six hour training session includes CPR, the recovery position and how to use a defibrillator. At TOAN we follow the Oldham Heart Start program which is funded by the British Heart Foundation.

Year 7 outward bounds

TOAN pupils have been working on interview technique and learning how to present themselves to prospective employers. Many of our Year 7 students have also visited Castleshaw, an outdoor learning centre where they have developed outdoor survival and team building skills.

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